Equipment Modernisation

CJSC Voznesensk Tannery Plant VOZKO

Reconstruction of leather-dyeing lines at CJSC “Voznesensk tannery VOZKO” Reconstruction of leather-dyeing lines is implemented with replacement of existing dryers in processing...

LLC Keramikbudservice

Modernization of technological brick production line at “Keramikbudservice” LTD The modernization of one of technological lines for ceramic brick production with...

OJSC Mironovsky Mixed Fodder Plant

Modernization of mixed fodder production at OJSC “Mironovsky Mixed Fodder Plant” Mironovsky Mixed Fodder Plant was equipped with modern energy efficient equipment, which meets...

SC "Experimental Enterprise "Askaniyske"

Modernization of line for cereal crops and leguminous seeds preparation at the enterprise SC “Experimental Enterprise “Askaniyskoye” of the Oil-Bearing Crops Institute of...

LLC Agro-S

Improvement of grain drying process in "Agro-S" LLC. The implemented grain dryer modernization with replacement of old grain dryer of portion action with new...

Freedom Farm International

Implementation of advanced energy saving technology in crop production and oil cereal at the Branch Enterprise “Freedom Farm International, Inc.” Kakhovka, Kherson oblast. In...