CJSC ДVoznesensk Tannery Plant ДVOZKOФ

Cogeneration station construction at CJSC “Voznesensk tannery VOZKO”

The construction of the station for combined generation of electrical and heat energy at CJSC “VOZKO” is the second project of UkrESCO, implemented at this enterprise. Cogeneration station is made on the basis of two stations, furnished with gas engines and generators, heat exchange systems, electric power distribution system, automatic and auxiliary equipment. The station electric power is 2 MW, the heat capacity is 2.4 MW. The operational regime is completely automated. Cogeneration station is made in container implementation.
This project is aimed for resources saving. Due to cogeneration station installed the enterprise has significantly increased the resources saving through the high coefficient of fuel consumption. Also there is another positive factor: electric power losses null upon its transportation within oblenergo nets, as own generating facilities of the enterprise are located directly on the place of energy consumption.